Turning Archive 2007

A questoin about standards

Troy German
>What criteria do you guys use to determine if a piece is of high enough quality to be sold? Or put another way, what imperfections are acceptable and not acceptable on a turning youíre willing to sell?

I think thatís an interesting discussion question by itself, but I also have a reason for asking.

A friend of mine is a florist and would like to sell some the things I turn. Iím a hobbyist and am not too concerned about my reputation as I donít plan to make a living at this, but her store is her livelihood. As a florist a reputation for quality matters, and I donít want to put something in her store that is sub par. The problem is I can always find something wrong with everything I turn. So, Iím trying to figure out where to draw the line.

Thanks for the help,

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