Turning Archive 2007

Anybody Want Some Oak? *PIC*

Raymond Overman in SC
>While I don't usually turn oak, I ran across one that had some interest to it while walking through the woods at my father's place. We hadn't been through them in years and thought we might find something to turn. The oak was a double trunk and all along one of them it had little nodules on the outside. We didn't even take the chainsaw on our walk but decided to go get it and take the tree. Dad's looking at selling the timber next year so we'll probably go back through it to make sure we aren't missing anything. I did see a couple of Hollies and there was plenty of straight Cherry to be had too.

Here is a piece of it that I'll be sending out to my Exchange recipient. The outside edge has some slight burl figure. I hope to have it to them by the first of next week.

White Oak Natural Edge
8 1/2" D x 3 3/4" T

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