Turning Archive 2007

Giant English Elm Tree Question

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

A tree trimmer friend of mine just called to ask me a question which I am passing on to the group. He has been asked to bid on the removal of a very large English elm tree. His size comment was that he would need a 6' bar on his saw to get through the bottom of the stump. Apparently this tree is on some sort of register and dates back to the War Between the States. He called to ask me if there was some way to research the tree for economic viability. He does not want to just cut this thing up and heat the house with it. He would much rather see the wood go to some good use, preferably lumber, although I suspect there will be turning blanks aplenty for those who desire them.

If anyone here has any ideas on how to research this thing, I would be interested to hear them.



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