Turning Archive 2007

Anyone do lacquer?? Near GA??

>I'm a packrat. I admit it. We have to get new standards of solvents in every year per ISO. I hate to dump things. The ethanol, 1-propanol, 2-propanol and tetrahydrofuran I can use in my other work. The acetates and ketones I can use to clean stuff with. I have a number of "slow" solvents that are various glycol ethers. They do a good job in slowing down the evaporation of alcohol. If you stain w/ alcohol and dye, it's great stuff. If you spray lacquer and want to "slow" down the evaporation, it works great. I have several bottles of 99% (or greater) purity that's about a year old (it doesn't go bad).

So - does anyone want to try some? I won't ship it. If you are near (or going to be near) Metro Atlanta, North GA or extreme Western NC, we can work at getting you a bottle (or two). I also still have the 35% hydrogen peroxide.

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