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Square lidded padauk box.... *PIC*

Mike Stafford
>On another forum there was a wonderful turning Challenge and Trade involving boxes and I had to get involved since I just love turning boxes. The rules said the box had to be 3" in height and diameter and have a "turner's fit", i.e. a pop when you opened it. This turned out to be just the challenge for me to try something I had seen pictured in a magazine that was turned by Chris Stott or Ray Key. I think it was really Chris Stott but I am not sure. He had turned a box which had a square lid and the body of the box was round. The grain match between the lid and body of the box was continuous so that was the challenge for me. I managed to get one turned and it has a nice sweet suction fit and a pleasant little pop when it is opened. It certainly was a learning experience. At 3 1/2" tall and 3" in diameter it is turned from padauk. Appreciate all comments and suggestions....

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Square lidded padauk box.... *PIC*
Re: Square lidded padauk box....
That is incredible! *NM*
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