Turning Archive 2007

Senco hardened nails for sale. *PIC*

Barry Irby
>I have about three cases of Senco hardened nails. They are 2 1/4" clipped head and are useful for nailing plates to concrete floors and furring strips to walls. I have had them a long time and realize it is more than a lifetime's supply and would like to share them at a nominal cost with anyone interested. The boxes say they are "GC23AHA" and can be used in a Senco SN IV or SN II (air nailers). Check with your suppier to see if they will fit any other guns. There are 3,000 in a box and I will split the boxes. How about $10 a thousand and you pay the shipping?

The picture shows a stick of them laying on some pine I am resawing.

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