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roughed a green blank...now what?

Steve Kubien
>Me again,

I also took some time today to rough out a really wet maple bowl. Right now I have little interest in DNA, or magic deterrgent potions and I want to know if I am going about drying it the right way...

I packed it in a large plastic ziploc back with the wet shavings and sealed it up. No air holes for it to breathe but I am thinking that I should have made some. I suppose moisture is going to have a tough time escaping but I thought I would hold off until I hear from you folks. I am quite prepared to let it sit for many months. Should I remove it from the bag and shavings and just let it sit on a shelf in a cool place? Other ideas/procedures? Again, I am going to hold off on the alcohol drying for now. No good reason but it is what I am going to do.

Thanks again,
Steve Kubien

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