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Credit Card Processors (for art fairs, etc) OT?

Devon Palmer

This last year, I used Paypal to process my charges after shows. CC purchases ended up being well over 50% of my sales. Adding up declines and "unprocessable" charges due to clerical errors on my part (and lack of response from the Payee), plus a blatant chargeback loss due to paypal (had an imprint of the card, and two signatures on sales and CC reciepts, an address that matched the Drivers license, Yet they still returned my money) - I lost close to $700. Not sure if its worth the hassle to pursue with Legal action, especially when i can write it off as a loss.

So, I think I want something point of sale to at least combat the declines. I know what unit I want, it'll bluetooth through my phone to the internet to get the approvals. BUT, I need to find a good processor. I'll check with the local bank, but, didn't know if anyone has one they REALLY like...

Any have a Credit Card processor that they can reccomend?

- Devon, Columbus Ohio

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