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Alcohol storage - - problem discovered

Pete in Holland, MI
>Hey all -

Just something to pass along:

2-3 years ago when I got into turning green bowls, a lot of thoughts & ideas were tried based on information gathered from this site. For a while, I was impatent and using the alcohol drying process. For various reasons, I went on to other processes, but the two gallons cans of alchohol that 30-40 bowls had been soaked in over a period of a couple months, lay at rest in the original steel containers.

The other day while in my shop, I kept picking up wifs of alcohol in the air. I checked my cans and discovered they had created dosens of small rust blisters on the outside and were starting to weep.

Both cans were escorted to the fire pit in the back yard and the contents set to be burned. Although the 2 gallon containers produced about 1-3/4 gallons to be destroyed, the material apparently had been diluted with the tree moisture and wouldn't even try to light off.

Lessons learned:

1) Check your steel used alcohol containers from time to time for rusting.

2) My alcohol was losing it's effectiveness over time, which may have been some of my problems a few years ago, or it was a time thing on the chemical.

Just passing this along.......


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Alcohol storage - - problem discovered
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