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NOVA lathe

Mike from TN.
>Well guys!!! I got it!!!The NOVA 1624-44.Last one Woodcraft was going to get at the sale price. My wife said that I was acting like I just bought a new truck. This is better. Got it Sat. morning and turned my first walnut and maple lidded bowl today. Picked up a 24" Sorby multi tip while I was there too. The bowl was only 6" so the multi tip was kinda awkward or I haven't got the hang of it yet. I'm pretty well self taught so I'll keep trying. Thanks again for the advice on the NOVA. Anything I should be on the look-out for as far as tweeking the machine? I guess it's made in NEW ZEALAND, so the manual is kinda awkward for an ol' clodhopper like me. What's a spud screw?? Just kidding. Good turning . Mike from TN.

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NOVA lathe
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