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Bevel protractor *LINK*

john lucas
>I admit it, I suffer from never make the same thing twice disease. Because of this if have to change my saw a lot to cut the different angles. This means there are a lot of test cuts to get the angle correct. I've bought a lot of different gadgets over the years to try and help this but they never have the correct angle, or just flat out don't work.

When I was at Highland Hardware they had a close out on a Starret Bevel angle Protractor. I never would have bought it at the normal price but it was more than half off so I got it. What a great tool. I'm still in the early stages of finding out how well this thing works as a set up tool but so far it's great. I could not find this on Starret's web page but found something very similar in the Enco catalog. There are also some models that are quite a bit more expensive and may be a little more accurate but for woodworking I think the less expensive model will work.

My first tests were to tilt the saw to 22 1/2 degrees and rip some wood. This has always been one of the harder things for me to do because I don't have a high qualitys saw or blade. I was only off a hair and that was a with a board that hadn't been planed and trued up. It was close enought than some thick veneer inbetween each piece would take up the slack.

My next test will be a compound miter. These have always been a pain because you have 2 variables, the miter gauge and the tilt of the blade. Should be interesting. I'll take the time to true up this next board.

Anyway, I think this is going to be a really good tool and not that expensive.

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