Turning Archive 2007

problem solved *PIC*

Bill Youngblood
>Thanks for all the suggestions on my 'bleeding' problem. As promised, here is the finished piece. There was a small amount of red dust in the Holly. I applied boiled linseed oil, mistake number two. The oil turned on the red dust like a neon sign. I remounted it on a faceplate with a glue block and cleaned off the oil as much as possible with a cabinet scraper. The piece is only 1/8" thick so I didn't have much to work with. Unfortunately, the oil went quite deep so it is still a little yellow; but I went ahead and finished it anyway just for the experience.
I gave it a light coat of clear lacquer and sanded with 180. Another coat of lacquer and sand with 220 and so on up to 400. I then gave it several coats with light 400 sanding between coats. I finally polished it with automotive rubbing compound.
It certainly is not gallery quality but a fabulous learning opportunity.
To all you lurkers out there, if you have a problem don't hesitate to ask about it. These are the greatest and most sharing people in the world.
Thanks again for all the suggestions.

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