Turning Archive 2007

Shop Layout Revisited

>Can anyone share information or resources on laying out a shop
efficiently from a space and function perspective? I'm in a one car garage, have a couple of bench mounted lathes, tablesaw, drill press, bandsaw, etc. Except for the lathes everything is mobile.
My handtools are in upright rollaway boxes.
I do all my work from a wheelchair, and I spend a fair amount of time moving machines from one place to another to access a tool or material.
This is an ideal time for me to work out a better floorplan because
I'm insulating & drywalling 3 out of 4 walls ( 4th wall is already framed & plastered ) Fiberglass & drywall will also cover the inside of the roof.
I'm thinking about a dust collector, enclosed to keep the noise down,
better lighting, more electrical outlets, storage in the form of
both shelving & drawers and some more benchtop areas.
I consider myself to be pretty new at all of this and I'm sure there must be stuff I'm missing.
What works for you?
What doesn't?
In Feb. my local woodworking society is sponsoring a shop
tour at the local California Vets Home. According to the flyer
the average user is 75 years old and the facility is ADA compliant.
I hope to learn a great deal there that I will be able to apply
to my own shop but my project is starting now so I'm starting to look
for ideas now and especially ideas from fellow turners.
Thank you in advance for all replies.

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