Turning Archive 2007

Hollow Form Question

Bob Moffett
>I have another question. I am trying to learn how to do hollow forms. With bowls, I have put them in brown paper bags stuffed with shavings and let them dry for 6 months or so or until I got around to finishing them. My shop is in my basement and I store them there. With hollow forms being turned with the grain running leagthwise rather than crosswise as in a bowl, should I use the same time frame to dry them. Someone told me that since they were long grain the wood would not move as much and they didn't have to dry as long. I understand why the wood wouldn't move as much but, it seems to me like the wood would take longer to dry. I tried finishing a small one with Waterlox while it was still pretty wet and was not pleased with the finish. I use Waterlox on a lot of my bowls and have gotten very good results with it. Should I let them dry longer than a comperable size bowl or not?

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