Turning Archive 2007

Box Elder color *PIC*

Troy German
>I'm new to turning and found this site only recently. It's been like finding a treasure chest! I've been swimming in new, practical, excellent advise for about two weeks now. So, first I want to say thanks to everyone for your questions, responses, and pics of work posted here. It's been terrific to learn from.

Now, on to my question: I turned a vase out of Box Elder and finished it with tung oil and Beal buff. The block that it came from is sealed (with Anchor Seal I believe) on all sides. The block is very yellow, but the finished vase is creamy white. Does Box Elder yellow with age or did the sealant tint the block?

Thanks in advance,

Note: Iíve included a picture of the vase (5"w x 9"h) and the other half of the block it came from. I know that the quality is poor, and there is great advice on how to improve that in other posts. Thatís a skill Iíll be working on soon, but today this will have to do. Comments on the form, however, would be greatly appreciated.

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