Turning Archive 2007

Small beech dish *LINK* *PIC*

Pat Taylor
>Turned this last night; 4" diameter. I went for the "birdbath" shape on top and a contrasting outer profile. I used the microwave (2 min, 4 min, 3 min) to dry it before final turning. It warped like crazy! The tenon was almost football shaped afterwards. Turned 2 more roughed bowls from the same piece, one with a large knot and bark inclusion. I'll post those when they're finished.

BTW, does anyone else here write a woodturning/woodworking blog? The format lends itself well to informally capturing day to day lessons-learned, so as a new turner it would be helpful to read about other people's experiences. I've been writing one, and I think someday it will be fun to read about how little I knew in the "early days". If you have one, please share a link (mine is below) for the rest of us to enjoy.

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