Turning Archive 2007

Difficult question

eliot d
>Let's say you wanted to go back and forth between using the Tormek with its gouge sharpening jig and the Wolverine, with its Vari - Grind jig, which are similar but not the same. And the idea is to get the exact same grind. How would you proceed? Is it enough to duplicate the angles, distances , etc. One would think so; but , for example, how do the angle settings of each jig compare? I've looked at the sharpening article in American Woodturner(Vol.21,N0.4) and even tried their gouge setup jig, which works fine. The problem comes up if I choose to refine the edge on the Tormek without changing the shape. And why do you think the author chose 23 degrees for the control leg angle on the Vari-Grind jig? He just says he "believes" it should be set that way. (I suppose I could ask him.) Maybe Kirk DeHeer will see this post.

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