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Huisache Box *PIC*

James Fox
>I’ve done pens, tops, bottle stoppers, a handful of small bowls, and even one peppermill. But since getting the lathe, I’ve wanted to do boxes. Not sure exactly why…the only thing most are REALLY good for is to look at and handle. I know there are exceptions—ring boxes to give that diamond to your special someone comes to mind, but most aren’t very practical. Those that are done well (many of them here on this site) have always intrigued me with their simple beauty, and if there’s something you can actually put in it, it’s a bonus.

Here is my first entry into the realm of boxes. It’s 3 ½ in. tall and 2 ¾ inches diameter at the base—tapering to 2 3/8 in. diameter at the top. The limb it was made from was trimmed last year from a huisache tree (also called a sweet acacia among other things) that is in our front yard. The finish is just sanding to a zillion grit, wax, and buff.

I plan on making more now that I’ve made the plunge. I’ve also acquired a Termite Tool (thanks Papa Herm for the recommendation) to make the process a bit easier (I hope). We’ll see.

Critiques, comments, suggestions always welcome and encouraged.


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