Turning Archive 2007

Thanks to John, Jamie, & Jen

Carol from AZ
>for putting up with me for a few hours to a few days!

If I have to travel the country, nothing makes the trip more enjoyable than spending some time with you folks along the way!

John Cotton is one busy guy but made time to chat and then dragged me along to his current job. That conversion project will be a beaut when finished.

Jamie was on crutches but took the time to show me his extension collections of some very stunning work. Then his wife showed up with dinner which they graciously shared with me. Ask him about his 'groundhog' wood! LOL

Thanks especially to Jennifer. A more gracious hostess would be very hard to find. And to the guys who braved the cold snowy weather to join us in her shop on Monday afternoon, thanks. I am honored that you would come. And Al, what great jigs! Ray even flattered me by telling me he was honored to meet me! Other way around, Ray!

Thanks for the wood, the tools, and the pen, everyone. Now I gotta make an IndyFest gig!

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