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Bottle Stoppers and Display *PIC*

Greg Haugen
>Hello. I have often been told a few times that someone would like to display more than one bottle stopper at a time when a bottle isn't in use. So I made these four stoppers, 2 are cherry and 2 are pear (with the sapwood), and a cherry display for a bottle. There is a 1 1/2" hole in the center for easy removal during pouring, etc. The holes are undersized so the stoppers can be "corked" into the display and it will support itself without a bottle on the counter or in a drawer. The finish is waterlox for three coats, waxed and buffed.

This is also my exchange piece that has been sent via USPS. I did send it early, better than late, because I have two jobs coming in that will take up alot of room. I'm more of a "gift item" or spindle turner. Beyond that I'm an "at home dad" and nothing is sacred for too long waiting around in the shop with three daughters. My oldest, 5, is starting to turn.

Any comments are welcome.


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Bottle Stoppers and Display *PIC*
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