Turning Archive 2007

who are all these people? *LINK*

>Has someone been recruiting? I see a lot of new names. This is great!
I have been at sea and have not been keeping up with post.
Seems a lot of lurkers became members.
Ah, i remember when i was a lurker. Afraid to come out of the shadow'
thinkiing perhaps i wasn't worthy enough and somewhat afraid to expose my work for examination. But after awhile i began to realize that not only could i help others, i could also get help when i need it.
Sometimes more than i needed.

This group is a wonderful resource.
So welcome aboard! And if I can be of any help....go to my web site and shoot me email. While your there, checkout new work and the shearscraper. (not a commercial indorsment, free info on how to make your own).

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