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Banjo issues,,,

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>I've got an old Wadkin Bursgreen lathe, and I love it. And actually I like the banjo fine, with a clean, lubed bed it slides along rather nicely. And, it locks down firmly. But, it's too short! I can't get close enough to center of the spindle; it's just aggravating that it doesn't have enough length to have a nice range of motion... I smash my knuckles against the edge of the bed trying to move it around.

My problem is though that the lathe is a 12" swing, but can be converted to a 14" swing, with a riser block on the tailstock, and by simply blocking up the headstock, down at the floor. I hear Oneway has the greatest banjo's going, but they have banjos for 12" and 16" swings...

Any brilliant ideas? If the 16" would drop low enough for a 14" swing I'd try that, I just have no idea if it would. And I would have to do the conversion now, which I wasn't planning on doing just yet, but...

Anyway, just looking for some brilliant ideas, as I'm not coming up with any at the moment.


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