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A Visit From Carol Reed *PIC*

>Hi Everyone,

Well, I had a lovely weekend with Carol Reed this past weekend! Carol was in Kentucky and on her way back to Iowa she stopped here in Indy and kicked her feet up for a few days before heading back to school. Let me just say that if you have never met Carol you need to put her on your list of people to meet. If you have met Carol then you know what a treat it is be around her and take in her knowledge of woodworking, her wonderful stories of times gone bye and subtle but very entertaining sense of humor. She's a true gem.

I have to say one of the highlights of her visit for me was the way her face lit up when the pen that she turned was finally pressed together and in her hand. It was priceless! I just had to share it with all of you :)


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A Visit From Carol Reed *PIC*
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