Turning Archive 2007


keith tompkins
>I've been scarce around these parts lately...it's been non-stop for four months! Today, I sent out the last of my commitments..three pieces to Del Mano Gallery for "Small Treasures". Whew....didn't think I'd get them done.

To celebrate, I made a photo-booth this afternoon. Here's my first attempt using it. This piece is walnut, turned and carved, and is the basis for my small treasures pieces. It was hollowed end grain using an Ellsworth gouge, then put back between centers using an offset tailstock center (shop-made) This allowed me to alter the wall thickness, leaving one side heavy, in order to leave enough material to carve. Most of the carving was done the old fashioned chisel and mallet way, and I textured the folds with another shop-made texturing tool.Notice (gasp!) there is no base. :) Oil finish. I wanted to simulate folds of fabric......pieces such as this are experimental, they give me ideas for future projects. Thanks for looking.

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