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I'm a lurker!

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
>Yes. I'm a lurker. There. I feel better. I said it.

I spend all my time (too much time) over on the regular Messages board. I have since Badger Pond went away. I also spend time on the Hand Tools board, but mostly the regular Messages board. Also, I proudly wear my WoodCentral hat everyday and sometimes my WC jacket. Lastly, I've even visited the Holy Land. Yes, I have visited our leaders HQ; Ellis' shop. Yes, I know pretty cool, ok ok get up. You don't need to bow to me... :)

Just kidding. Seriously though, I do lurk here a lot mostly because I really enjoy looking at the work you people do. Some of the bowls and hollow vessels are amazing. I really enjoy the pictures. Someday, when I've done the flat work stuff I want to accomplish, I want to spend more time with my little lathe. So for those reason I lurk - viewing what you've done and gaining knowledge. Until then, I really don't have much to offer.

WoodCentral is my daily woodworking magazine. I get it everyday instead of once a month or every other month. There seems to always be something different here each day too. Unlike the ww'ing mags that seem to be the same stuff month after month any more. By the way, I lurk with Fine Woodworking too. I never write to them or post on their forum.

The main reason of this post is to say thanks to you people who take the time to provide great information and to those who post those great pictures. Please don't stop! I've been wanting to say that since even before the "Lurker" posts.


Whew. I don't feel so guilty here now...

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