Turning Archive 2007

Respirator questions

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>I am looking for a non-powered respirator, and searched the turning archives finding references to the Resp-O-Rator and the North 7700 respirator as being highly recommended.
Breathing through the mouth I think would not be desireable for me, I occasionally am forced to do so because of an intermittent nasal condition (polyps). I get a very dry throat, and it doesn't make my lungs feel very good. My question for those who use this, do the nose clips allow you to breathe comfortably through the nostrils without having to mouth-breathe?

The half-face masks such as the North 7700 are OK, but I wonder if there's something like it that goes over only the nose, leaving the mouth free? Not to smoke a cig, of course (almost 9 months since my last one :)) but I figure it would cut down on the moisture that builds up inside a mask and allow a sip of water once in a while!

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