Turning Archive 2007

Much ado about Lurking

Rick Davenport
>Leave for a couple of days and see what I missed?
I tried to wade through all the lurking posts because, I guess, by definition I have become one.
Many of you regulars recognize my name because I initially posted a lot.
Lots of newbie questions and a few pics of early and semi-feeble attempts at bowl turning.
In recent months my postings have become fewer and fewer.
First of all, as a now kinda/sorta intermediate turner, I still don’t have the expertise to enlighten anyone (unless you want to talk tennis doubles strategy or backhand stab volley technique).
Second, I don’t have nearly as many beginner questions – they were answered by posting and lurking here, at local AAW meetings or by simple trial and error.
And lastly, I have slowly drifted into my own comfort zone of form, style and function of bowl turning which does not match current conventional wisdom.

I still get a lot out of lurking here. Especially discussions of tools, equipment, wood types and I enjoy seeing photos from all turners. Every piece is different and each has something unique to offer and learn from.

I never seriously considered the exchange because my pieces don’t match the critical criteria established at Woodcentral and I can’t imagine one of you wanting one of my lumpy, cracked, thick and odd shaped hunks of lumber.

I think I speak for 98% of the lurkers:
I have no desire to get a pricey freebie from one of you many talented turners that participate here. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to own one; but I certainly wouldn’t want to “steal” it. And I would honestly consider it stealing.

So please lighten up on us lurkers. If it’s okay with you, we will continue to lurk and learn.

Rick “NotsoDull” Davenport

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