Turning Archive 2007

Tool Making -- kinda, sorta OT

Bob Way, Canton, MI
>I'm hoping some of you who are really good at this tool making thing might be able to help me out. As an offshoot of my woodturning, I also do some stone turning. I've come to the point where my interest and modest skill level have graduated from "giving it a go" by using high speed steel tools to "I think I'd like to do more of this" using carbide tipped tools. Thing is I haven't found much available tool wise or information wise along the lines of making a few carbide tipped tools.

I've been doing some research and it seems I can either use indexable carbide inserts, or braze carbide tips to steel to make the tools. Beyond that, I've kind of hit a dead end as to what would be involved doing either one. Can any of you suggest a forum, some reading material, other sources you might know of, etc, that might help guide me in taking the next step? I would certainly appreciate it.

Bob Way

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