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What's in a name.

>This isn't about the late lamented brouhaha re what sort of turning is appropriate to send to someone selected by chance. It's about encouraging everyone interested in woodturning to share their thoughts and/or pics with others on this net forum.

In the dictionary "lurk" meaning sneaky or furtive lies between "lurid" meaning ghastly or revulsive and "luscious" meaning seductive or sensuous. It
clearly lies closer to "lurid" and as a descriptor of those who might be following the prayer book's admonition to 'read, mark, learn" seems unfair. I make two assumptions: First, everybody knows something of interest to woodturners that many turners don't know and second, every ethical person interested in woodturning is welcome and encouraged to participate here with good net manners as often or as seldom as they choose.

Perhaps being known as an informed reader or as a learner or by a friendly moniker might encourage non-posters to participate by sharing thoughts (and pictures) that not all of us know about. Often the serendipity exceeds the OP. Today's anonymous reader could be tomorrow's helpful poster.

I know, of course, I'm preaching to the choir. I just hope the sermon isn't too far out of line or a solution to a non-problem that wastes bandwidth. :)

All best, Arch

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What's in a name.
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