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A good place to find lurkers

Ron in Drums PA
>Okay, so you won't find them all here , But a good number of them are.

There are also a few people who are only known by their screen name who wished not to have the screen name displayed, only their real name.

As to the bios...

Let me say this first, I would like to run this again, I made some mistakes, but I learned allot.

Now back to the bios, If I run this again, there will NOT be bios. Please reefer to the rule below.

"This is a fun exchange of turnings between friends, not an exchange of comparative value items or a contest."

Now I will tell you what I will do next time, unless there is a good reason why a person didn't send their exchange they will not be allowed to join us next on the next go around PERIOD.

Please, do not send me the names of those who didn't send anything last time, I know it happened, I do not wish to get into a "he said.she said" type of argument. The three of us talked at length about this problem and have taken steps that hopefully will minimize non-senders. Just keep your eyes on Exchangers it will become self evident.

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A good place to find lurkers
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