Turning Archive 2007

shopvac & sanding

>Hello folks.

Sanding dust, the final frontier. In fact noice is the worst problem at the moment. I have one of those cheap dust collectors where is shavings go lower bag and all that dust which should be captured also goes right through that upper bag. Ok, replacing that upper bag would help of course so that dust wouldn't escape. However noice is such a problem that I'm not sure what to do. Basically I can't put in the another room. Moving it to outside is not an option either (5 F degrees this morning and they are seying it will go to -13 this night).

I have been thinking about those (cheap) shop vacs, wet-n-dry vacs, but do you have experience how they work with turning and specially with sanding? I assume those are more quiet (they have to be) but do those move enough air?

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