Turning Archive 2007

Drying bowl blanks Question?

Barry Irby
>A new member of our club told me the following. He made a green bowl blank and cut it into four pie shaped pieces. Put on in a brown paper bag. Put another in a doubled brown paper bag. Third one went in a plastic bag. Last piece was the control and left in the open. Weigh each piece at regular intervals over a two week period. Said the one in the brown bag dried exactly as quickly and the one in the open. The one in the double bag was slowed slightly but not much. The one in the plastic bag basically did not dry at all in two weeks.

Clearly he is a methodical thinker and I have no reason to believe he screwed this up or made some obvious blunder. So if this is correct, why does bagging the blanks in brown paper help? Does it really help or do we just think it does?

He is now drying his blanks in plastic bags with about a 120 eighth inch holes punched in them. Says it slows them down some but still lets them dry.

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