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New project *PIC*

Steve Antonucci
>I posted a coment below regarding things we made, get stuck, and then come back to when we have an epiphany. I made this form a couple of years ago from a crotch section of cherry. The bark inclusions weren't supposed to fall out, but guess what- they did.

Frustrated, I put it on the shelf for a long time. From time to time, I would pick it up and look at it in an attempt at the epiphany. It's twin is laced with leather, and I don't love it. I debated filling the void with epoxy (too hard), cutting pewas, copper wire lacing, staples and probably 5 other things I've long forgotten. Each time, it went back on the shelf.

Finally, I decided that the "theme" of this vessel was one of reuse and practicality. Growing up in a poor family (but not knowing we were poor), we often fixed things that were broken rather than throwing them away. I learned at a relatively young age how to repair things that othr people might have just tossed.

In today's modern acceptance, things are disposable. We throw away cell phones, computers, cars, and other items that aren't broken and don't need to be replaced except for our own vanity.

This piece harkens back to a different sensibility- when people had a connect to the things they owned. Whether the repair was practical or impractical, it was done because throwing something away before the end of it's useful life just doesn't make sense.

The piece isn't done yet, as I'm not sure if it needs a couple more "stitches". The ebony splines are hand cut and inlaid across where the crotch inclusion used to be. The inclusion has been scorched, as has the opening, to represent age while the "useful" cherry is all around showing us that the object still has beauty worth retaining.

Comments? A few more splines? Finish?


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