Turning Archive 2007

Turning Exchange object on it's way to Tennessee *PIC*

Steve Antonucci
>Here is a cherry hollowform that I made for the Turning Exchange 2007. It's hollowed through that 1/2" hole in one piece, and I felt like the wood really wanted to be an onion.

When I finished it, the form screamed to be textured and burned. The texturing made the onion feel more organic and tactile. The burning adds another layer and gets me out of sanding. After it was burned, I wirebrushed the darkness down a bit and sprayed a could of coats of satin lacquer. It is also signed and dated, so that the recipient in TN will always be able to say they knew me when (just in case I do get famous...)


P.S. Cracks from torch, not a B- piece of wood, just in case some folks are still stuck on the "quality" thing.

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