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Making a "signature" brand. *PIC*

Steve Antonucci
>I had my brass arrive while I was in Maine during the week. I need to find a better way to cut it, since it took 10 minutes on the lathe holding a hacksaw with the lathe running at 360RPM. The bar is 1.125" round, and I cut off 3/4" for the first brand. I turned a small recess to grip it with the chuck jaws.

Next, I drilled a hole to accept a threaded bolt. I tried to tap the hole, but I didn't have a proper sized tap. Brass is soft enough to thread with a bolt, and that's how I did it. Vice grips on the shaft made it "tight".

I remounted it in the chuck to begin working on the logo. I had decided a sun for a few reasons, but the primary one is that it's round and lathes make things round. Essentially, I turned an "O" in the face about 1/16"-1/8" proud.

Next came the carving. I used a Dremel with an old chainsaw sharpening bit. Each indentation was cut to the full depth of the circle, give or take. My experience was that brass cuts easily, and it's very simple to do this if you'd like to make your own.

To use it, I grip the shank with a vise grip and heat it with a torch. I use the block of maple in the picture to make a test impression before I go for the final object. If I heat it hotter, it will burn a deeper impression.

Thanks for looking.


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Making a "signature" brand. *PIC*
Re: Making a "signature" brand.
It's actually an "eclipse"...
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