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Ok, what did I do wrong? Bit long

Steve Kubien
>I was working on an elm plate last night and messed it up REALLY good. Here's the situation....

Attached a faceplate, trued it up and shaped the bottom to include a stump for my 4-jaw chuck. Sanded it, finished it...great. Reversed it and started hollowing. Some funky tearout and some chatter marks were cleaned up between light passes with the bowl gouge, scraper and 80-grit gouge. Now the bad-ness....

I adjusted how the jaws gripped the stump to effectively 'raise' the plate in the jaws. Some fiddling got it running true and I proceeded to use the long point of my skew (pointing down) to try to part it off. MAJOR catch and skid which took the skew 1/8" in to the bottom. I managed to save it by thinning things further than I wanted and went for my parting tool to finish up. Same thing happened. Decided to scrap the piece and cut it in half to see how I did at getting even thickness throughout. (Pretty happy with what I saw.)

Both the skew and the parting tool were freshly sharpened. Are these tools not to approach the flat grain in faceplate work? Am I using them wrong? Could it have something to do with the ladder I drove under while running over a black cat during the full moon on Friday the 13th?

Thanks for your help on this. Too bad it was to be my exchange present. Hopefully things will work out better next time (later tonight).

Steve Kubien
Ajax, Ontario

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