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Thanks from Colin

Colin Spencer
>Thanks to all those that have sent positive messages today about the exchange.

After reading some of yesterdays posts I was very disappointed with some of the comments. This is a fun event not a competition as it says in the rules. I will be happy to get any piece from anyone. I also hope that the person who receives my piece will be as pleased.

I live in Spain and so the likelihood of me meeting anyone from this group is remote unless I win the lottery. Woodturning in Spain is a real minority pursuit and so this group and others like it are my only route to see what others are turning, get inspiration from it and to learn from those who share their knowledge.

I read this and several other forums daily but due to the time difference I get to see posts long after you have all commented on them and so contribute little as I feel another 'I agree' is a waste of bandwidth. I am certain there are many other reasons why people read threads rather than adding comments to them.

I hate the 'lurker' word but will use it anyway. The vast majority of participants in all sites are lurkers. You only have to look at the number of people that read/look at a posted item versus those that say something about it. I personally believe that lurkers are valuable members of any group, they may not have anything to 'give' at this point in time but they receive lots of information and if they make use of that information I don't think that is lurking it is learning.

I think the key thing is are you proud of your work and is it the best you can do at your current skill level? If you can answer yes to this question then you should be rightly proud of your work. If you look back in a years time at a piece that currently fulfils those criteria I am sure that your skills will have improved and you will be less satisfied with that item BUT why? It was your best at the time. We continue to learn and hopefully improve in all we do every day of our lives and turning is no exception. I would love to be able to produce work like Binh Pho, Malcolm Tibbetts or J. Paul Fennell all of whose work inspires me but my skills are not yet sufficient to create something similar.

There are a silent majority who have read these threads and I hope that we can all learn from that.

Thank you for all the positive comments and please participate in the exchange in the spirit that is intended.


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Thanks from Colin
Well said Colin
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