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Flushing out the Lurkers

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Ha ha, I know this is going to get some attention! I did not post this to throw bombs, but I am posting it seperately so that it will not be lost in the huge thread on lurkers.

I have my own perspective on lurkers, since I have met many over the years. People write me, people come to my shop for lessons, and they come to my picnics. It is just that interaction - especially the class time and the picnics - that often serves to draw people out and into posting on this and other forums. I read through the other thread quickly, and all I am going to say is I personally know some lurkers who do very nice work, and I have seen some very well known names on stuff that would go into my wood furnace - nobody here you understand, but well known just the same.

I don't think anyone should be made to feel ashamed of their work, unless of course, they are misrepresenting it themselves. I for one live in dread that one day people are going to finally realize that my stuff is nowhere near as good as they thought it was. I am always thrilled when people admire the things I make, and it should be so with everyone here, regardless of their skill level. We all started at the beginning. Some of us go one way and some another. Post count is not related to skill at the lathe. I elected not to participate this year because of being so busy I would not have time to do this exchange justice, but I wrote Ron this morning and offered to step in and replace whoever it was that dropped out. So watch out, you might be stuck with something from me if Ron takes me up!

And to all you lurkers, keep on lurking if that is what makes you comfortable. There are no rules for reading, and the rules for the exchange were clearly posted. And one day maybe we will entice you into posting some of your own thoughts and work. See you at the picnics!


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