Turning Archive 2007

Yes The "Group" is correct

Bart Rhoads
>After reading over all the messages about lurkers and thinking about it over night,I have come to the conclusion that the "Group" is correct. I am a lurker. I dont contribute to the board very much because I try not to answer questions unless I am sure I know what I am talking about. And sometimes I am still wrong. I dont post pics because I am not set up to take good pics. I have been turning for over 40 yrs, but because I dont post pics or contribute with messages my pieces are not good enough for some of the people in the "Group". Therefore I have sent an email to turners exchange and opted to exit the exchange.
I am very disappointed in "Group". So who ever was unlucky to draw my name in the exchange I appoligize.
Bartley Rhoads
Buna, Tx

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