Turning Archive 2007

A true beaut, for your pleasure *PIC*

David Breth
>I turned this thing out a couple of days ago, experimentally, just to get a feel for putting a finial on a box (my first finial). It is so painful to look at, that I felt compelled to share. I'm thinking you can offer comments, try to name it, or maybe post photos of some of your ugliest. Either way, lets have a little fun.

The box is about three inches tall including the finial. The finial is cucumber, I have no idea what the wood of the box is, it was given me some time ago as practice wood, and I think it was an old handle or something.

Here's my critique. It looks like a round-topped garbage can with a hopelessly disporportionate giant Christmas Tree sticking out the top of it. I don't think the photo does the contrast between the two wood types justice, but you can believe me when I tell you it is severe, perhaps painful. The cucumber is very, very green, the box is very very not. My wife's response (ever the optimist and eternal encourager) said "I like the shape of the box." Proof positive that you can't get an honest critique at home. I mean, if I can bring it out of the shop and barely stand to look at it....

Recommend that you put on your rose-colored sunglasses before you look...

David B.

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