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Ron in Drums PA
>One of the rules of the exchange stated, "This is a fun exchange of turnings between friends, not an exchange of comparative value items or a contest."

The first day of the sign up we had 29 people join. I was surprised that day because there where a few people I didn't know. I took a moment, sat back and gave it some thought. I decided to let them join because of the above rule. I posted an up to date list so everybody knew who signed up and made it available online. I posted on WC and made sure everybody was aware that it existed and how to find it. Nobody complained.

The days continued with more people joining. Just about every email we received said things like "Thanks for taking this on", "You Guys Are Great", "This is going to be fun" "Sign me up I want to be part of the fun" and so on. As the list grew, we received dozens more positive comments. I wasn't surprised, turners are some of the best people around. I knew I had made the right decision.

The list grew to 93 people from 6 different countries. The deadline came and names where randomly matched. Dennis and Colin completed the huge task of contacting everyone. All was good, I was feeling pretty happy.

An exchange like this accomplishes many different things. One of best is that it helps our WC family grow not only in size but also closer. There is a good chance new friends will be made along the way and that is what its all about.

Then I get an email from someone who wants to back out because of the diplomatic thread. His reason, "I don't want to disappoint anybody"

Has WC become a closed group?
Do we really want people to be afraid to join in?
Is this really what we are trying to accomplish here?

There where a group of people who expressed positive comments today and I want to thank them. You really lifted my spirits.

One person backing out creates a logistic problem that effects three people.
To the people who expressed negative views, I want to ask you this.
If you didn't like the rules, why did you sign up?
Or better yet, why did you wait until now to express your views and not before the sign up closed?

I'm disappointed.

The exchange is still on.
Please, no more resignations.

I'll be in touch with those that where effected.

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