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Russís Pen Finishing DVD *LINK*

Jim Shaver Oakville, Ont.

I spent some time today watching Russís Pen Finishing DVD. I was very impressed with the way Russ presented the information and demonstrated techniques, I learnt a great deal. The topics on the DVD are very well and logically organized. Russ obviously spent a lot of time working on the information and the details.

The DVD starts with Russ working through and evaluation of a variety of finishes and their hardnessís. Russ also explained the advantages of each of the demonstrated finishes and presented them in order from softest to hardest.

I will not give away any other details but I would highly recommend this DVD for pen turners. Check out Russís web site.

I felt like I spent time listening to a good friend share with me his well proven knowledge. I thought one or twice I might have even detected a bit of a Canadian accent too, eh.


I do not work for Russ, I just appreciate his teachings,

Take care,

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Russís Pen Finishing DVD *LINK*
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