Turning Archive 2007

A few shop tips...

Peter Teubel
>Nothing revolutionary, just a few ideas to share in hopes that some may find useful.

#1) It seems I'm always knocking over my friction polish bottle. Either hitting it with my arm or forgetting to move it when I blow off the lathe with the compressor. I squeezed one of those rare earth magnets in it and now it's a lot more stable.

#2) While the Oneway 1224 has a nice stand and there's room to place your tools under the bed, I tend to HIT the bed when putting them there, thus dulling the edge. Plus, when I lean over the bed to hollow, I tend to hit the tools over the other side. So I build a quick tray to hold a few tools. I also hinged it so it can fold down when not in use.

#3) I used to attach a velcro stip to the lathe to hold sand paper, but I found that it would clog with shavings and tend to peel off after awhile. So I took a piece of plywood, sanded it down to 600 (for better adhesion), and attached two velcro strips to it. In the back, I coutersunk two rare earth magnets. Now, the board can live on a vertical surface while I'm turning and when I get to sanding, it attaches to the bed securely...right where I need it.

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