Turning Archive 2007

Do you know "therming"?

Barry Irby
>Another of my "inventions" stolen by the ancients. One of our club memebrs demonsrtated turning fish. The process is to put two blanks side by side and turn the profile, then interchange them and turn the same profile again. Then a little bandsawing and sanding and couple of quick passes with a fillet knife, a few minutes on the grill, and dinner is served.

He passed the pieces with the "square" ends still attached around the room and it dawned on me that if you stretched thme out long enough you could make balusters for a railing that were sort of two dimemtional and yet attractive (I invented that application right on the spot.). I pointed this out to a fellow club member who earns a buck or two turning balusters. Yes, says he, It's called Therming. My ignorance is so vast you could fill the Internet with it. That may be what the Internet is for, storing all the information I don't know.

Turns out the turner who demoed the technique to our club member turns 24 balsusters at a time. Has a drum he mounts on the lathe that holds them. He turns one side and then rotates them on the drum a 1/4 turn and repeats.

A variation on off Axis turning.

Pen turners take note. Just Googled therming and found an article that included imformation on turning 3 or 4 sided pens.

Just thought I would pass this along. Maybe there is another WC'er like me that does not know all there is to know about turning.

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