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The New Jet Mini Lathe

Devon Palmer

Just got word that the new Jet mini is here (as in "In Columbus"). 12" swing, 20" bed, indexing, non-variable speed (meant to compete with the similar Rikon) and a modest $299 price tag. I can't find pictures of it or ANYTHING, may have to actually head towards to the store and see it tomorrow. I've heard a model number of JWL-2012/1220 tossed around, but, can't verify it. Google and www.wmhtoolgroup.com don't reveal any pictures\info either.

Anyone have any more good dirt? pictures? I can't decide if I want to be cutting edge, or, just a fast follower :) I'm "hoping" its at least a 3/4 hp, otherwise, I may wait and get a beaver or a oneway.

- Devon, Columbus, Ohio

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