Turning Archive 2007

bowl gouge grinds *PIC*

john lucas
>Description: These are my bowl gouge grinds. The top one is an off brand similar to a Sorby. I ground the wings way back. The way this gouge is shaped the wings grind to about a 25 degree angle so they cut extremely clean when used in a pull cut. The tip is ground around 50 degrees. I developed this grind for turning my hand mirrors . I can use the tip in a push cut and then when necessary switch to a pull cut for really curly grain or other problem areas. I built my own "Ellworth" sharpening jig but the leg is at a steeper angle and is longer than Davids jig.

The next one down is a packard 1/2" gouge. It has more or less an Ellsworth grind. The flute is thicker on the sides and the shape of this grind gives me a wing sharpening angle about 50 -55 degrees. Tip angle is closer to 65 degrees. The thicker side grind means that It will cut longer without getting dull.

The 3rd one down is my deep bowl hollowing tool. The tip is ground pretty blunt to allow me to turn the bottom of deep turnings. The tip is about 70 degrees.

The bottom gouge is a Henry Taylor ground in a Stewart Batty grind of 40 degrees all over. I'm learning to like it a lot but it does require a learning curve to really master. I'm getting there. When I use it correctly the piece requires virtually no sanding.

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