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Which grease for lathe bearings?

>I have an old Walker Turner lathe that I'm fixing up. I have the headstock disassembled. The bearings seem stiff, but I think that may be because the lathe pretty much sat unused for ~10 years before I bought it. The old hard grease that I've dug out of the headstock so far certainly doesn't look like it's doing much in the way of lubrication -- it had the consistency of earwax.

I plan on using naphtha to try to dissolve/clean out the old grease, then repack the bearings. I'd get new bearings, but these seem to be a nonstandard size, and I haven't found them to be available anywhere yet.

My question is, is there a recommended type of grease for lathe bearings? I'm most familiar with a white synthetic grease that I use for the wheel bearings on my bicycle, but I don't know if that would be suitable for a lathe.

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Which grease for lathe bearings?
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