Turning Archive 2007

Shop made Bowl Steady for Jet mini lathe. *PIC*

Al Crandall (N.E. of Indy)
>I will be turning at the Wood Working show this weekend in our club's booth. I plan to spend most of the time doing "deep" (9"+)hollowing using my laser guided captured rig. Last year I thought how much better my days would have been if I had only had access to a steady. So since I had two days to spare, I decided today was the day to build one. I glued layers of 1/2" baltic birch plywood together to build the frame.

The arms have 120 degrees of separation, but the pattern is rotated 10 degrees c'clockwise so the laser can track the contour without interferance from the wheel at 9 o'clock. The open frame keeps me from having to "thread the needle" with the laser pointer. The black steel bar spanning the gap at the bottom of the 10" diameter cutout is encased in the frame and goes the full width of the frame. It is 1/4" thick, so in theory this steady would slide under a 9 1/2" turning. With so little capacity, there is precious little to waste. The opening below the steel bar is tapered to fit the sloped sides of the Jet bed; the steady mounts the lathe like a saddlebag. Clamping pressure is supplied by the plywood strip below the frame. It mounts under the lathe bed casting and is tightened by the two wing knobs below.

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