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What's Your favorite live tail center *PIC*

john lucas
>I thought everyone would find this interesting. We tend to stay with the live center that comes with the lathe unless you need something else. Years ago I did need something else so I bought a Nova live center. It comes with several different points that have been very useful. The tips are a very short #2 morse taper which has been very useful at times. I have used them in the drive spindle on occasion especially the one that has a screw thread.

The live center morse taper is hollow so you can use it with a 3/8" lamp auger.

The screw thread point for the live center has a 5/16 x 18 thread on the inside. This makes it very easy to add all sorts of special things to your live or drive center.

Then it's also very easy to make wooden adaptors for special projects. Pictured are some of the ones I use the most.

I have used this center for hundreds and hundreds of projects, big and small and still haven't had to replace the bearings.

The only downside is the hollow center. On lathes that don't have a self ejecting quill feed you have to knock out the live center. The knock out bar goes right into the hole and only knocks out the center point. I simply put a piece of wood or my skew between the back of the live center and the tailstock and crank it back. It pops it out quite easily and as far as I can tell has never hurt the bearing.

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