Turning Archive 2007

Inspiration from the Woodturning Center in Philly

Steve Antonucci
>I had a business dinner to go to last night. When my contact called me at 3:30PM from O'Hare, I was pretty sure I wouldn't be picking him up at the airport at 5 PM. So what's a turner to do when he's got an hour to kill in Philadephia?

I called the Woodturning Center and Bender answered the phone. Even though they weren't open, he said if I came by he'd let me in. He even gave me great directions!

As promised, he let me in to wander the 3 galleries. Even if you never wanted to turn a specific type of item, you can't help but wonder at some of the things you can see. Best off, many of the pieces are hands on- you can touch them and feel them with you own hands and marvel at the forms and such.

As I wandered, a second man said hello. He was sitting in the back, and I asked him if he was Albert LeCoff. He said he was, and we spoke at great length about some of the pieces in the current exhibit (which was about the utility of turned objects). When I mentioned that I was a student from Ellsworth's classes, he gave me a discount on some books I had oogled.

In terms of the books, WTC has a tremendous collection for sale (I bought 8...) and many are books I've never seen. I could have easily spent the day there, but unfortunately, business called.

If you ever want to be inspired by what can be done on a lathe, take a day at the Woodturning Center.


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